Educational writings

 A major source for my educational writings is my blog  There you can find my evolving thoughts on issues in higher education going back to 2006.  My reactions to current events in the area can be found on my twitter account

The Sources section contains several of my articles that were produced for specific audiences and/or not hidden behind a copywrite fence: 

Changing times in Higher Education Viewed through the Prism of the Business Model looks at change using the approach of Clayton Christensen. This was originally commission by ACE to be the first paper in a new series, but they "decided to go in a different direction."

Change and the Research University was written as part of the process that led to the 2004 Strategic Plan for USC.

A New Game in Town: Competitive Higher Education looks at ways in which developments in higher education might lead to actual competition between providers. This was later expanded into a book chapter an journal article  ( A New Game in Town: Competitive Higher Education, in Digital Academe: The New Media and Institutions of Higher Education and Learning, eds. Dutton, William H. and Loader, Brian D. Chapter 6. (Routledge, 2002); also in Information, Communication & Society,4, 479 ( 2001) )

Distance Learning:Challenges and Questions was written during the dot-com boom of 2000. It is interesting to see how many of the issues brought up in this paper are still important today.

Higher Education and the Global Marketplace: Entrepreneurial Activity in a Dynamic Environment. Doug Becker , CEO of Laureate Education, Inc.,  and I jointly gave the 27th Annual  Earl V. Pullias Lecture at USC, looking from our perspectives at the roles of for-profit and non-profit higher educational institutions in a rapidly changing environment.  

The Rationale for and the Challenge of Embedding Sustainability into Higher Education Institutions  was a plenary presentation at an international conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on December 3-4 2010 to advance plans for the creation of a new private university in Vietnam to be called Tri Viet University . Unfortunately, it was not to be, but it was a wonderful idea.

The Creative University in a Flat World  considers what creativity is, and various ways by which a University can seek to increase creativity of its students, faculty and community.  

Barriers to Change and Innovation in Higher Education is a TIAA Institute publication (and can also be obtained from their website ).  This work uses a business model analysis to identify barriers to change in higher education.

Globalization and Higher Education provides a short take on some of the issues of globalization. It originally appeared in a newsletter (CHEPA Navigator) of what is now the USC Pullias Center for Higher Education   

Competing in the Global Higher Education Marketplace- Draft was commisioned by NACUBO as part of a  a collection addressing financial challenges for higher education. Apparently it  finally appeared in the series New Directions for Higher Education  . However, since I  was never sent a copy of the publication, I have no idea how similar this draft is to the published article.

Coveting the U.S. model of higher education? Be careful what you wish for was published  in the Higher Education Network blog of the Guardian. It discusses why the U.S. model of higher ed  fees may not be the best choice for many other countries. 

And finally, an article behind the copywrite fence: 

Learning to Do: Anchoring a State Comprehensive University in Mission Drift was written with Michelle Weise and Michael Horn.  It appeared as Chapter 8 in The University Next Door: What is a Comprehensive University, Who Does It Education, and Can It Survive?.. which pretty well describes the paper.